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Food ingredients for cake gel production
How to achieve  better aeration in their batter, and higher cake volume with cake gel ,this is the main consideration for cake gel manufacturers and bakers .

Having worked with cake gel manufacturers and the bakery industry for years,Chemsino has built up vast and valuable experience. We have the knowledge to help you adjust and optimize your cake gel recipes, not just in terms of ingredients, but also in the production process. 

Our application specialists stand ready to help you consider:

· Choice of ingredients

· Raw material properties

· Recipe (ingredient ratio)

For cake gel manufacturers and the industrial cake factories or batch wise-production bakeries they serve, Chemsino has developed a portfolio of ingredients that can improve and extend the quality of both cake gels and the final cake:

· DMG (E471)

· PGE (E475)

· PGMS (E477)

· SPAN60(E491)

· PROPYLENE GLYCOL                                                                                                                            

By understanding and controlling these parameters, you can produce a cake gel with the desired shelf-life and functionality.